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Find Cheap Tickets to a Broadway Show

Lee Coursey

Saving on the High Cost of Atlanta Entertainment:

Atlanta attracts some of the biggest Broadway tours, live concerts, and entertainment in the country. But Broadway blockbusters, an award winning symphony and Shakespearean dramas mean high ticket prices.

There are a handful of simple ways to save 50% or more on Atlanta entertainment with a little advance planning and flexibility. Instead of waiting to find tickets to the Fox Theatre for $100 or more, look to spend $40-$50.

Save on Same Day Performances:

AtlanTIX is one of the easiest way to find discount tickets to shows around the metro Atlanta area. Save up to 50% off Atlanta theater and entertainment at the Fox Theatre, Shakespeare Tavern, Dad's Garage Theatre and other venues around the city.

Some discount tickets can be bought online, while others require an in-person purchase at the AtlanTIX booths at Underground Atlanta.

AtlanTIX Info
Website: www.AtlantaPerforms.com
Booth Location: Underground Atlanta Visitors Center
Booth Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11:00am to 6:00pm; Sunday, 12 to 4:00pm
Infoline: 404-588-9890

If you're traveling to Atlanta and want to plan in advance, AtlanTIX also offers e-subscribers a first look at discounts occuring the same day, the following day morning and matinee performances. Emails are sent out at 8am each day except Mondays when AtlanTIX is closed. Sign up before your trip to Atlanta at www.AtlantaPerforms.com.

You can also sign-up for AtlanTIX, JR! for monthly emails focusing on family and youth audiences. Aside from shows and discount tickets to kid-friendly performances, the email also includes audition information for youth actors, dancers and musicians along with workshops and classes.

Get Daily Deals
Signing up for Atlanta Groupon can also dig up discounts to theater, entertainment and Atlanta attractions like the Margaret Mitchell House, Botanical Gardens, an Atlanta Braves game at Turner Field and Zoo Atlanta. Hotel and getaway deals are also available on Groupon and are worth a look before you travel to Atlanta.

New Groupon deals are available each day and have both an expiration to grab the deal (usually a few days) and deal limitations. Each day indicates how many people must buy in order for the deal to be on. If there's not enough interest, the offer is off and your card isn't charged.

Use a Coupon Book and Save
Travelers often overlook local entertainment books to save on their next vacation. The Atlanta Entertainment Coupon Book costs $35 with free shipping and offers exclusive buy one, get one free deals on attractions, dining and entertainment. In some cases, one coupon can pay for the book. Discounted shows include the Atlanta Opera, Uptown Comedy Corner and the Dekalb Symphony Orchestra among others.

While it's highly unlikely you would use the entire book in one visit, the coupons are good for up to 15 months and have plenty of restaurant and fast food coupons. It's also a nice gesture to leave the book behind at your hotel, offer to a guest checking-in or pass it on at the airport for your travel peers if you can't use it within the allotted 15 months.

Save on Entertainment at Atlanta Hotels
Atlanta hotels are always looking to get an edge over their competition by offering perks like free shuttles around town, free airport pick-up and discounts to attractions. Look at the hotel's special deals section of their website to find out what packages and promotions are available.

For example, the Hyatt Regency Atlanta has a Georgia Aquarium Package. The deal includes accommodations for one night, free hotel parking, two VIP Georgia Aquarium total tickets to get into the Aquarium galleries, Deepo's 3D Undersea Wondershow, the Dolphin Show and exhibits.

After you book a Broadway show or balcony seats to Shakespeare's Tavern at a discount, find ways to save on Atlanta Attractions.

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