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Atlanta Historic & Cultural Sites

Explore Atlanta's legacy from the Civil War era to the civil rights movement. But Atlanta offers more than just a walk through history. The city celebrates its renown artists, authors and innovators at its many museums, literary centers and theaters.

Step Back in Time for an Atlanta History Lesson
Traveling to the heart of the new South? Get the scoop on the history of Atlanta.

See the Fall Foilage in Atlanta's Oakland Cemetery
Learn about Atlanta's past and the cemetery's famous inhabitants

See the Home One of Atlanta's Celebrated Writers
Learn About Brer Rabbit and Joel Chandler Harris

See Fine Art And Culture Around Atlanta
Experience fine arts in Atlanta from world renown museums to student galleries

Learn About the Fabulous Fox Theatre
From Broadway shows to community outreach, learn about the historic Fox Theatre

Spend an Evening with the Atlanta Opera and Local Companies
See the Atlanta Opera at the Cobb Energy Center

Enjoy classics to modern hits
See Atlanta's Grammy winning orchestra in one of its three venues

Learn More About Atlanta's Black History and Culture
See Atlanta's wealth of African American attractions, art and culture during Black History Month

Martin Luther King Jr. Attractions in Atlanta
Retrace the footsteps of one of the greatest civil rights leaders of our time

Explore Your Artistic Side at the High Museum of Art
Learn about the museum's history, collections, live jazz events and its ties to a tragic plane crash

Jewish Heritage and Culture in Atlanta
Discover Anne Frank's secret life, visit an interactive museum, see a film festival and much more

Take a Walk Through Civil Rights History
Learn more about iconic civil rights pioneers and get a taste of Atlanta's best savory and sweet treats

See the Largest Oil Painting in the World at the Atlanta Cyclorama
Learn about Civil War history and the Great Locomotive train chase

Discover Margaret Mitchell Historical Spots in Atlanta
Follow along for a journey to find the famed author of Gone With the Wind

Learn more About Atlanta's Past with the Atlanta History Center
Discover Atlanta's earliest settlers, see historic homes and learn more about the city's most famous author

Have a Drink and See a Shakespearean Show
See a show inspired by the Great Stratford Bard

See Atlanta's Olympic Attractions
See Atlanta through the world's eyes during the 1996 Summer Olympics

Visit Westview Cemetery
Explore historic Westview Cemetery and see the resting place of confederate soldiers, civil rights activists and legendary entrepreneurs.

Learn About the History of Money
Take a tour of Atlanta's Monetary Museum at the historic Federal Reserve Bank in midtown. Learn about wildcat banks, the history of currency and leave the museum with a free money keepsake.

Hike, Play and Learn at Stone Mountain
Hike the world's largest exposed granite monolith

Get Discounts to Atlanta Attractions
Get tips on the latest concerts, theater and nightlife around Atlanta

See Ancient Art at the Michael C. Carlos Museum in Atlanta
Visit the Southeast's largest collection of ancient art from mummified royalty to tribal pottery.

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