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Cheers from the World of Coke

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The Coca-Cola brand and history is practically synonymous with Atlanta and helped turn the city into a metropolitan heavy weight.

Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 by local pharmacist Doctor John Pemberton, who also penned the scripted letters that later became the iconic logo of today. The concotion made its public debut at the soda fountain in Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta on May 8, 1886.

Asa Candler, a name also synonymous around Atlanta, bought the drink in 1887 for a mere $2,300 and aggressively marketed the product and skyrocketed its revenues.

Today, visitors can explore the history, memorabilia, advertising, and see the popular soft drink made at the World of Coke in downtown Atlanta.

A visit lasts approximately two hours at a leisurely pace and includes a fun, animated film of a journey through a vending machine. You'll also travel back in time to an old soda fountain and lots of historical facts and trivia.

World of Coke Essentials

  • Location: 121 Baker St. NW
  • Hours: Friday and Saturday, 9:00am to 6:30pm. Sunday through Thursday, 10:00am to 6:30pm. Hours are subject to change.
  • Admission: Ages 13 to 64, $16; Seniors 65 and older $14; Youth ages 3 to 12, $12; and toddler 0 to 2 free with adult
  • Contact: 800-676-COKE

The tour expands beyond advertising and fun films and into behind the scenes sneak peaks. A special bottling works room shows how a real bottling line works complete with robot packagers and soda bottles filled while you watch. The fluid process is impressive to watch and makes you wonder how they managed to keep up production before the age of machinery.

The Vault of the Secret Formula teases guests with 125- continuous years of keeping a tight lid on the Coke recipe. The vault spins a tight web of mystery and spies around the formula and unfolds the story of how the recipe was protected. Bring your smartphone and scan the QR codes peppered throughout the exhibit for more facts, stories and multimedia features.

Coca-Cola Fun Facts

  • Coke was originally sold as a tonic and contained small traces of cocaine and kola nut until the early 1900's.
  • Coca-Cola products account for over 3% of all beverages consumed around the world.
  • Coca-Cola sells over 3,500 kinds of beverages and 500 brands around the world.
  • Coca-Cola's secret formula was once held in the minds of just a select few before it was written down.

For kids, the museum offers a meet and greet with Coca-Cola Polar Bear and characters from The Great Happyfication movie seen earlier in the tour. You may use your own camera or purchase a professional souvenir photo from the Coca-Cola Store at the end of the tour.

The end of the tour guides guests into an expansive tasting room with self-serve stations featuring Coke products from around the world. Grab a cup and start pouring. This is perhaps the most popular part of the tour where visitors linger around soda fountains and comparing one country's tastes to another.

Many of the drinks on display are not sold in the United States, and it's an eye-opening experience to see what the rest of the world enjoys. It's not unusual to hear surprised gasps and murmurs over unusual, and even bitter, flavors. And you can opt to taste the original brand if you're thirsty for old-fashioned coke by the end of the tour.

End your experience in the gift shop with merchandise, Coke products and souvenirs. You'll also leave the tour with your own glass bottle of soda to enjoy at home.

Want Discount Tickets for the World of Coke

Ask for an Atlanta Brands Combo Pass (ABC Pass) for a discount combo ticket to both the World of Coke and the CNN Center studio tour. Adults cost $27; Senors 65 and older $24; Youth ages 3 to 12 $20.

Save up to 45% on area attractions including the World of Coke, Georgia Aquarium, Inside CNN Studio Tour, High Museum of Art or Fernbank Museum of Natural History, and Zoo Atlanta OR Atlanta History Center.

The Wolrd of Coke also offers occasional discounts and incentives to veterans and our armed forces. Check their special ticket offers page for updated information on the latest deals.

There are plenty of other fun attractions within walking distance of the World of Coke in downtown Atlanta. Here's a few ideas to get started.

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