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The Dead Walks Among Us in Atlanta

Go on a Walking Dead Tour of Atlanta


The Walking Dead church- Church used in season 2 of AMC's 'The Walking Dead' series.
amiratlanta/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
There are plenty of places to see the sights from The Walking Dead and even increase your chances of running into cast members. You might just see Sheriff Rick and his family dining at Doc Chey's Noodle House in the Virginia Highland neighborhood of Atlanta.

But for an official tour taking you on location to the Walking Dead and town of Woodbury (Yes, it's a real town!) take a tour with Atlanta Movie Tours. But before you go on a tour, make sure to catch up on your favorite zombie shows and movies first. There will be plenty of spoilers along the way if you're behind in your watching of the undead.

Sign-up for The Big Zombie Tour Part I or Part 2 to get an insider's look at Atlanta's zombie locations. The first series in the tour explores locations from Zombieland, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Rob Zombie's Halloween, One Missed Call and more.

Part 1 takes visitors on a journey through season 1 of the Walking Dead. See where the group holed up in the department store and the backdrop for the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

While the CDC is alive and well in Atlanta, the show actually used the Cobb Energy Center instead. The latter is a more grandiose than the modest building housing the CDC.

Guests also see Atlanta's popular venue, the Goat Farm, to see where the Vatos held camp and visit the hospital where Sheriff Rick woke up to the apocalypse.

The Big Zombie Tour Part 2 meets in downtown Senoia, Georgia. Located about an hour South of Atlanta, Senoia is one of the state's best kept film secrets. This tiny town boasts a cozy, but bustling Main Street. Not only does Senoia house Raleigh Studios working on major productions including The Walking Dead, but the town itself is also the backdrop for many of Woodbury's locations.

While you won't get anywhere near the tightly secured film studio where the prison is shot and other scenes, Senoia and the surrounding towns including Sharpsburgh and Newnan give zombie enthusiasts an up close and personal look at the Walking Dead.

The tour meets in downtown Senoia where you can pick up Woodbury inspired T-shirts from Main Street Fudge Shop & Ice Cream. If you're on the afternoon tour, pop in before you leave as they close up shop by 5pm just as your bus is returning.

Hop on a small, air conditioned tour bus with your guide, a real life zombie extra from the show. The guides are well informed and can share an insider's take on the set, but they won't spill the beans on anything coming up.

The tour made stops in memorable Walking Dead filming locations like the zombie arena where the dead went head to head in Woodbury. Various shoot out scenes, the waterfall picture-perfect stop where the group camped out before finding the prison, the pharmacy and the building where the Governor and Rick met are all on the route.

The high school where Otis and Shane went to look for medical supplies for a wounded Carl is also on the tour, though you won't stop to go inside. Other points of interest includes the deer locker (a real, working deer locker) where Andrea and Michonne hid out for a few days.

As time permits, our guide even showed us where extras, crew and sometimes cast are known to grab some dinner. Brush up on your zombie trivia beforehand and win zombie merchandise on the bus including mini posters, zombie hunting permits and other swag.

Both tours also point out where other film locations and scenes were shot including Zombieland, Fried Green Tomatoes and Vampire Diaries.

Atlanta Movie Tours is also expanding its reach. They're currently gearing up for a Hunger Games Hunger Games: Catching Fire experience on weekends. Check back to their site regularly for updates and new tours or information added to the list.

It's certainly possible to cobble together your own list of Walking Dead locations in the Atlanta area and see it on your own. But you're unlikely to find hard to find spots around Senoia on your own and the tour has permission from private property owners to stop through.

Plus you miss out on the inside scoop from your zombie extra turned tour guide.

Book your tour through AtlantaMovieTour.com.

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